South Of Fifth

South Of Fifth

Miami Beach development continues at a fast pace, but while the heart of South Beach is preserved in all of its Art Deco elegance, other distinct areas of interest are evolving that are quite a world apart from the pastel landscape of Ocean Drive.

“SoFi” – the enclave South of Fifth Street – was once considered a bit of a dead zone for tourists, but these days it’s a vibrant destination in it’s own right. Some locals who have discovered SoFi actually gave up their landlocked houses to purchase condos in the clouds along Government Cut, and there are multi-million dollar high rises all along the southern shore of Miami Beach that are first- and second-homes for wealthy businesspeople and more than a few big-name celebrities.

If you are unfamiliar with the area and want to explore the southernmost part of the city, book a room at the Bentley Beach Resort on the Ocean, the less expensive Collins Avenue boutique hotel St. Augustine or the hipster hideout Mercury Suites.

South of Fifth, sometimes called SoFi, is a small and scenic section of South Beach. As the neighborhood name implies, South of Fifth is the area of South Beach that is located south of Fifth Street.

South of Fifth is a triangular shaped area comprised of less than two square miles and bordered by water on three sides. To the east, lapping waves of the Atlantic Ocean caress a scenic beach. Government Cut, the cruise ship on-ramp, lies to the south and gentle Biscayne Bay serves as the western boundary.

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